What You Need to Know about CNG Vehicle Conversion?

However, if you’re looking for a new car that runs on CNG, you will find that the choices are very
limited. In fact, there is only one car model available that runs purely on compressed natural gas, the
Honda Civic GX. In 2001, the Honda Civic GX was named by the EPA (United States Environmental
Protection Agency) as the cleanest internal combustion engine on Earth. Unfortunately, the Civic GX
has a very limited availability, with fewer than a thousand units rolled out by Honda Motors every year.

Fortunately, even if there are very limited production vehicles running on CNG available to the
American Market, private citizens like you can still switch to compressed natural gas by natural gas
conversion or outfitting your current gasoline-fuelled engine to run on CNG. Practically all vehicles
running on gasoline can be converted to CNG giving you a wider range of choices. Natural gas
conversion is also easier today with the availability of several companies offering CNG conversion
services and CNG conversion kits.

Consistently improving on their product and introducing new technology yearly. VFCI offers exclusive
top of the line "complete" conversion systems including reducers, emulators, anti-contaminating kits,
injector rails, valves, gages and switch. The US congress encourages conversion of vehicles to CNG
offering tax credits of up to 50% of the cost of auto conversion and installation.

Vehicle Fuel Conversions, Inc.(VFCI) provide CNG conversion kits, CNG tanks, installation and service
of bi-fuel systems that can run either on CNG or gasoline at the flick of a switch.

Convert to CNG:

You may not need a new vehicle to switch to CNG. The number and variety of factory-ready
compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and conversion-eligible CNG vehicles is increasing. The
majority of light- and medium-duty CNG vehicles in operation around the U.S. today resulted from a
conversion process or retrofit performed by qualified installers utilizing certified after-market kits
manufactured by a variety of reputable companies across the nation.

Today, there are two types of CNG fuel systems available:

  • Dedicated vehicles or conversions that run solely on CNG and normally have a fuel capacity
    equal to or larger than the original gasoline or diesel tank.
  • Bi-fuel vehicles that have the ability to run on either CNG or gasoline/diesel. These bi-fuel
    vehicles typically retain their original gasoline/diesel tank and are retrofitted with an
    additional, smaller-capacity CNG tank.

Specialty Applications:

Natural gas has a variety of fuel applications on and off our nation’s highways. Its versatility can power
classic hot rods and off-road vehicles such as lawn mowers, forklifts, freight mounts and street sweepers.
Since some of these specialty vehicles require time in idle with the motor running, natural gas proves
to be a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative to gasoline- and diesel-powered engines. These
benefits also make it more attractive to city leaders and manufacturers when considering fleet
CNG Systems Overview:

• Simple switch allows easy change between fuel sources while driving.

• Bi-Fuel and Dedicated options available for most models.

• Meets EPA & CARB emissions and OBD II requirements.

• OEM Fuel Gauge used for CNG and Gasoline.

• Sequential fuel injection.

• Seamless Integration with the Vehicle.

• Serviceable with Standard Diagnostic Equipment.

• Equipped with on Board Computer Control System.

• Proprietary Fuel Delivery System.

• Delivers Excellent Horsepower, Torque and Towing Capacity.

• Ultimate Load Situations.

• Performs In Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat, High or Low Altitudes, or any Inclement Weather

• Limited & Emissions Warranty Included.

• 10 micron in-line coalescent filter assures miles of trouble free operation.

• Tax credits may be available, check with your tax advisor.